• Conventions
  • Yume Con 2016!

    Yesterday was my first time tabling at Yume Con! I believe this is their second time for the Foothill Anime club to host the con. ★ It was nice talking to everyone and thank you for stopping by my table 🙂 I was surprised that some of you did a 2 hrs drive, like me, […]

  • Eight Bear's Fan Art
  • Jinx!

    I am a super noob on League of Legend. I quit because I can’t believe I lost to robots lol, so mad. Anyway, Jinx is my favorite character to use, and she is super easy to use and very powerful! My second favorite is Annie, purely because she has a cute bear. 😀 Back in […]

  • Conventions
  • Summer Sac Anime 2015!

    Super late post-con updates. I miss Sac Anime so much already haha. ★I was super excited to see lots of familiar faces this time. I am really grateful for all of you who comes back to visit and talk to me. Your love and support motivates me to keep drawing and dreaming! ★It was fun […]

  • Life
  • Starting a New Adventure ;)

    Hellooooo! This is Eight Bears. I have always wanted to make my own website to share my love of drawing, food, life etc! The last part of 2015 was crazy chaotic in my personal life, but oh boy I fought through the storm and came out great! So here to the first post of Eight […]