Thank you Fanime 2017!!

It was my third time at Fanime :). It was a weird feeling, it reminded of all the memory I had here from the past years. Day 1. Pidie and I arrived pretty early and took some time to rest and enjoyed the view. Since the new terrariums were hard to carry, I had to consolidate my luggage. It is always a big hassle to table at conventions, but after seeing the full table set up, everything is worth it! 😀


I was really happy that many people like the new Space Cat pin!! I spent some time on the concept and I am really satisfied with how the final product came out. The gold is really shinny on top of the black background. Cat rules the world!! haha. I like simple designs and I can’t wait to create more pins.

I also sold out of two products, one is the BB8 print, and I created that last years and did not expect it to be popular still haha. The force is really strong! Another product that was sold out is my new Totoro keychains. I also loved how this one came out, the blue water color pattern is super vibrant. Other keychains  are super cool too. Since the charms are double sided so people are surprised about the magic karp and pikachi when they flipped it over to see something else. hahah


It was a lot of fun doing commissions as well. I drew lots of cute boys and girls. haha. It is always nice to see people’s happy faces when they receive the drawings. My favorite type of commission is turning real human into anime characters. It is a bit more challenging but allows me to use more of my imagination.

I really like Fanime, it gives many people an outlet to express themselves. Anime is such a controversial topic, many people has a lot judgment toward it, like it is for nerds or it is all about hentai etc. There are always two sides of the coin, some anime have very deep meaning behind them to teach not just kid but also adults a lesson. It is truly a wonderful thing. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed to say they like Anime and be afraid of being judged. It would be nice if everyone has an open minded attitude about Anime and Anime conventions. Another reason I like Fanime or other conventions is that it allows a space for me to grow as an artist in a supportive environment. Thank you everyone who stops by the table. If you did or did not buy anything, I am still very grateful of every one of you! It made my day to see you guys getting excited after seeing my art work!


AOD Anime on Display 2016!

★ Thank you for everyone who stopped by my table, I can not stress enough how much I appreciate you guys 🙂 I have seen some familiar faces from Yume con and Fanime! 😀 Really happy to see people carrying my buttons around and telling me that you have some of prints on your wall! 😀 I am Very grateful!

★ Fist time is always excited 🙂 AOD was at a great location in Santa Clara Convention Center! It is one of the cleanest convention center I have been to. I am just really glad that I got into the con last minute. I am very lucky! May good karma be with all AOD staff 🙂

★ Pikachu was too big to fit through the elevator and that’s why he needed to go in side way lolololol omg I died HAHHAHAHA. Bye Pikachu.

★ Talked to a lot of cool cosplayer. It always amazes me that people would spend some much work into the costumes and that is art too. I love to hear the inspirations behind each piece of art work!.

★ Really sweet table neighbors gave me candies and food. Happy Valentine’s Day <3

★ Commission is always fun to draw since everyone has a such different personally and it is challenging to express it on the paper.

★ It is funny how the convention was hosting other events too. Saw a lot of buffed guys at muscle con and adorable girls at dance con lol. AOD was also a black out con because someone switched off the light for the exhibit hall four times in two days lol I don’t know if that person did it on purpose, but it was hilarious!

★ Great hanging out with friends and eat Kbbq at home! SOOOO YUMMY hehe. A lot cheaper comparing to eating outside and we have leftover! That is why I brought the Kbbq grill, it is a good excuse to have some laugh and eat good food :).

★ My Next con is Sac Con in March and then Kraken Con in April.


Yume Con 2016!

Yesterday was my first time tabling at Yume Con! I believe this is their second time for the Foothill Anime club to host the con.
★ It was nice talking to everyone and thank you for stopping by my table 🙂 I was surprised that some of you did a 2 hrs drive, like me, to attend the con haha

★ Thank you Chloe (she cosplayed as Lapis from Steven Universe) from Kinetic Cosplay for giving us her raffle tickets. It was so sweet of her 🙂

★ Big shout out to the Foothill college Anime club 🙂 They are extremely helpful, and I really appreciate it how they are so passionate about anime and make this event fun. Edmund was nice, and he really tried his best to make sure everyone is doing great 🙂

★ It was my first time to visit Foothill college. It’s funny because I used to go to De Anza, but I just never had a change to go to Foothill college at all. The driving was a little bit crazy for me, because I did not expect a lot of curvy roads, but duh the school is located at a foothill. lol I almost ran out of gas when I arrived too haha.

★ One thing I like about smaller cons is that I can really get to know my neighbor and everyone 😉 It is just a nice community here and everyone is funny and nice to be around. Shout out to Van and Anan and Yume con was their first con ever! Woot how exciting :D!!! Hope to see you guys in other cons in the future. Keep the passion alive!

★ Another thing I like about smaller cons is that I actually have time to participate in some of the events. The cosplay contest was loving. I got to see katie from Yo-kai Watch, couple characters in Steven Universe, and more. The host also did an amazing job hosting the contest!
★ Jackie got these from playing some tossing games 😀 So cute and high quality! A fox and flyer squirrel from Anime Palace.
★ I can not resist to get takoyai 😛 It is my favorite Japanese food! And we got hot pot at night, yummmmmmmmm

★ My Next con would be at AOD, table A 32 this coming weekend in Santa Clara! Come find me!

Eight Bear's Fan Art



I am a super noob on League of Legend. I quit because I can’t believe I lost to robots lol, so mad. Anyway, Jinx is my favorite character to use, and she is super easy to use and very powerful! My second favorite is Annie, purely because she has a cute bear. 😀

Back in Spring Kraken con, the one on the battle ship, I also got the voice actor of Jinx to sign a copy of my drawing 🙂 Love her performance on the Jinx song!