Winter Sac Anime 2015!


SacAnime was a super fun weekend! Meet a lot of new friends and catch up with some old friends o w o)/////
★First time doing a commission for a super cute puppy and teddy bear haha. I love it.


★I also met Cherami Leigh, the voice for Lucy in Fairy Tail. She is such a cutie and so friendly 🙂 . She gave me a hug when I gave her my print!

★Sold out my new Fairy Tail Print 😀 I actually just finished it last week haha So glad that people are still liking this anime, the story line and characters are really diverse. Definitely a great watch.

★Thank you for everyone who stopped by my table. I enjoyed talking to every single one of you!


Summer Sac Anime 2015!

Super late post-con updates. I miss Sac Anime so much already haha.

★I was super excited to see lots of familiar faces this time. I am really grateful for all of you who comes back to visit and talk to me. Your love and support motivates me to keep drawing and dreaming!

★It was fun meeting new friends and artists. Sharing the love for anime was the biggest part of Anime Convention. Woot! I was surprised to see cosplay for Inside Out! It is such a nice movie. So much feels haha.

★ I usually table by myself, but this time I have a lot of extra help from my friends! Big hug to all of you and I wish you guys all had fun! The Eight Bears Empire is growing and getting stronger haha.

★Special Thanks to lindaluvv11​ and her friends who bought us pizza! We were starving :p You guys are super sweet!

★This is the best Sac Anime so far in my convention life 🙂 So much love <3 <3 See you all at the next con! Karken Con sept 26 at the USS Hornet Museum 🙂