New Terrariums, ready for Fanime!

It’s that time of the year again!! :DDDD I’m super excited for Fanime this coming Friday to Monday! Come visit me at table AA 1004. Compared to last year, I have a lot more new products! Pretty proud of myself for that haha. It is super fun to make these terrariums. Since I have bad memory and can’t reproduce any of them, they are all one of a kind!! Haha. When I am creating these, I was thinking how these Totoros are alive and having fun in the nature. 🙂


Other than terrariums, I also have a new space cat pin and keychains!


Cherry Blossom 2016!


★ My first time tabling at Cherry Blossom was super fun!

★ Super glad to see so many BB8 Fans out there. The power of the force is strong!

★ Got some advice of making Tubb button bigger haha you guys are hilarious.

★ New commission frame went well. My coworker, Kuma paper, made it, it is just a nice design, my drawings look better in the frame 😀

★Meet some old friends from Sac anime and Yume Con. It was nice catching up and getting to know them. Thank you Anan for always being so supportive 🙂

★ One of the reason I like tabling is that I can meet so many cute kids :D. I find it extremely fun to see kids start naming the characters they see. haha Their parents must be proud. I can totally imagine the parents and kids watching anime/movie together at home :). Sweeeet!

★ I ate A LOT LOL FAT. I had crepes, Shabu Shabu, mochi, pocky and sooooo much more damn too much lol. I can’t go to J town that often, I will go broke!

★ First time staying at a motel in south SF area, it was not bad at all. It was pretty clean and roomy. It even has a free carbs- heavy breakfast buffet lol.